14. Will my petition become public and appear on the PETI portal? 

After submission, petitions are registered and are given a unique number, of which you will be informed by letter. Petitions are then summarised and submitted to the members of the Committee on Petitions for a decision on admissibility and follow-up. It is only after this decision is taken that summaries of the petitions will appear on the portal.

Petitions submitted to the European Parliament will become public documents.

Summaries of petitions are published in all official EU languages on the Petitions Portal of the European Parliament only after a decision on admissibility has been taken by the Committee on Petitions. Such summaries include the name of the petitioner (or their initials if anonymous treatment has been requested), the nationality of the petitioner, title of the petition and an outline of the issue. Following the publication of summaries on the Petitions Portal of the European Parliament, it is possible to view the status of petitions and support petitions online (please refer to section “How can I support a petition? What does this mean?”).

Please also note that the European Parliament reserves the right to neither publish nor translate certain petition summaries, such as those whose subject does not fall within the scope of the EU's fields of activity, those lacking substantial elements enabling the identification of the EU’s fields of activity, those with incoherent reasoning with an unclear link to the EU’s fields of activity or those containing hate speech.