23. How do I draft a petition? 

After logging in, click on "Start a petition" and answer the introductory questions under Step 1. Valid answers will lead you to Step 2, the new petition submission form. All information relevant to your petition is to be submitted here.

Please note that all fields are required. Write your petition in the "Text" box. The maximum length of text is 32,000 characters. Petitions containing obscenities or hate speech will not be processed.

At the moment the "Text" box supports only plain text, so your text may lose its formatting. Our staff are currently working on a solution to allow formatted text to appear in this box. Alternatively, we suggest that you submit the petition text as an attachment.

Saved drafts are not considered to be petitions; they will remain in your account until you decide to submit or delete them, and will not be processed unless submitted (see also "How can I submit a petition after drafting?").