29. How can I support a petition? What does this mean? 

In the list produced after searching for a petition, click on "view" to see the summary of a petition that interests you. If you agree with a petition, you can support it by clicking on "support the petition" at the bottom the page.

If you support a petition, you do not acquire petitioner status; however, you will be entitled to receive notifications about any further developments concerning the petition. The Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament will consider all petitions submitted in accordance with its rules and the requirements of the treaties. The Committee will base its considerations and decisions only on the merits of the content of the petition, irrespective of the numbers of signatories or supporters.

The support function is only available after the petition is published on the PETI portal and until the petition is closed. The number of supporters appears both in the search results under the title of a petition and in the separate pdf file containing petition detail. A ribbon is placed next to the deadline for support in the search results to indicate the most popular (i.e. frequently supported) petitions. Please note that for reasons of third party data protection, only the number of supporters is visible under a petition (in the search results and in the pdf file).

You may lend your support to the petition and then withdraw this support for as long as the petition remains open. However, support and its withdrawal are available only once: if you withdraw your support to a petition, you will not able to support it again.