4. What are the specific requirements for my petition? 

Your petition should be comprehensive and include all facts relating to the issue, but should omit unnecessary detail. It should be written clearly and legibly and may be accompanied by a summary. It should not contain offensive or obscene language.

For a petition to be admissible, you must be a citizen/resident or, in the case of a legal person, have your registered office in a Member State, the issues raised in the petition must come within the European Union’s fields of activity and must also affect you directly.

Petitions written illegibly or lacking clarity will be declared inadmissible.

Please also note that the European Parliament cannot overturn decisions taken by the competent authorities of Member States. The European Parliament is not a judicial body and is not empowered to carry out legal investigations, hand down judgments or overturn judgments of Member State courts of law.

Requests for information are not dealt with by the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament, nor are general comments on EU policy.