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Petition No 1156/2019 by Nico Semsrott (German) on renaming the European Parliament Plenary Room in Brussels and establishing the European Parliament’s single seat in Brussels  
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The petitioner describes how the European Parliament in the fifties started up its activity in Strasbourg, using the building of the Council of Europe, but then later decided to have its own house in Brussels. However, travelling between Brussels and Strasbourg continued, as Member States agreed, and enshrined in the Treaties (Protocol No 6), that “The European ...

Petition No 1039/2019 by P. W. (Polish) on the allegedly unfair direct area payments to farmers  
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The petitioner calls for new policies and criteria for direct area payments to farmers to be drawn up and implemented, and for all historical criteria and tools for the calculation of these subsidies, including the ‘convergence mechanism’ introduced in 2013, to be scrapped. In the petitioner’s view, area payments should be determined on the basis of factors such ...

Petition No 1050/2019 by Sanjay Norbert De Mascarenhas Henriques (Portuguese) on the creation of a special visa for non-EU partners of EU-citizens residing abroad  
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The petitioner, an EU citizen residing outside of the EU, highlights the administrative burden he experiences to travel to the EU with his wife, even after 14 years of marriage, as she is a non-EU citizen. The petitioner explains that his wife has to apply each time for a Schengen visa, which only provides for a limited duration to stay. He asks to consider the ...

Petition No 1048/2019 by Guido Serra (Italian) on the acceptance and recognition of emotional support animals on flights operated by EU airlines  
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The petitioner states that there is currently no formal recognition of emotional support animals in the EU. On flights operated by EU airlines, these animals are often not accepted in the cabin. On the other hand, there are rules for assistance dogs. The situation is different in the USA: under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), emotional support ...

Petition No 1047/2019 by A.F. (British) on not granting a further extension beyond 31 January 2020 so that the United Kingdom can leave the European Union  

The petitioner requests that no further extension be granted to the United Kingdom beyond 31 January 2020, as this would, in his view, be contrary to the rule of law and democracy and to the principles of good administration. The petitioner considers that the outcome of the referendum on Brexit on 23 June 2016 and the judgment of the UK’s High Court on 24 September ...

Petition No 1046/2019 by José Ramón Carrillo Rodríguez (Spanish) on the killing of wild goats in Tenerife  
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The petitioner complains that the Island Council of Tenerife has commissioned a company with the culling of 1000 wild goats that roam freely in the Anaga and Teno rural parks. The petitioner fears that this might lead to shot animals escaping and suffering for several days in the mountains. The petitioner also points out that the plan is being co-financed by ...

Petition No 1027/2019 by R. S. (French) on Natura 2000 protected land in the meander of the Tavignano river (Corse, France)  
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In October 2019, the Société Oriente Environnement obtained the authorisation to operate a technical landfill of waste and asbestos lands on the site Giuncaggio, located in the meander of the river Tavignano. The river Tavignano, and in particular its lower valley, are part of a site protected under Natura 2000 according to a decision of the Ministry of Environment ...

Petition No 1045/2019 by José Fidel Giménez Zardoya (Spanish) on the conversion of the professional category of Administrative Assistant to the category of Administrator in Spain  
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The petitioner claims that auxiliary staff of public administrations in Spain should come under the same category as administrators, in accordance with what the petitioner believes the European Union has established. The petitioner points out that there is total homogeneity and that the functions of the two categories are identical, and as such there can be no ...

Petition No 1000/2019 by M.H. (Irish) on environmental problems at the Mungret Limerick plant in Ireland  
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The petitioner reports that ‘Irish Cement’, a company in the city of Limerick (Ireland) plans to incinerate 90 000 tonnes of industrial and rubber waste at its plant in Mungret, Limerick. The petitioner also reports that the company managing the plant has committed many environmental irregularities, for which reason she considers that its current licence should ...

Petition No 1035/2019 by C.G.M. (Spanish), on behalf of Galgos sin Fronteras (an association for the rescue and adoption of greyhounds used primarily for hunting) and FAPAM (Federation of associations for the protection and defence of animals in the Community of Madrid), on banning the use of greyhounds in hunting practices  
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The petitioner calls for a ban on hunting with greyhounds, which in her view is contrary to the Habitats Directive, on the grounds that hunting with greyhounds is the only form of hunting in Europe where the dog chases its prey and kills it. This process is not selective and animals at risk of extinction or endangered species may be killed in Natura 2000 Network ...

Petition No 1013/2019 by W.T. (German), on behalf of the association Bewegung Bewusster Friseure international e.V., on healthy and environmentally sound cosmetics  
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The petitioner believes that thousands of cosmetic and care products with chemical/synthetic ingredients, which can be harmful to health and/or the environment, are partly responsible for the degradation of the world’s habitats and for destroying water, air and soil, which are vital to life. He calls for a legislative and fiscal framework at EU level which favours ...