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Petition No 0552/2019 by T.W. (German) on the introduction of the legal form ‘European association’  
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The petitioner advocates the introduction of a ‘European association’ at EU level. His reasoning is that associations currently have to be established in accordance with national law in the place where they have their seat. The differences in the rules are hard to follow for citizens of different countries and are a huge obstacle to cross-border participation ...

Petition No 0550/2019 by S.H. (German) on the transportation of live animals within the EU and in third countries  
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The petitioner cites various reports in the German media showing the dreadful conditions in which animals are transported from EU Member States to third countries, and under which they are then slaughtered. He states that transporting animals in this way is at odds with the EU’s basic ethical principles. The petitioner is calling for an immediate ban on the transportation ...

Petition No 0567/2019 by Christoph Klein (German) on the violation of the right to an effective remedy in case of infringement of EU law by Member States  
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The petitioner argues that, when Member States violate secondary and procedural law resulting from binding EU legislation, the persons affected by these infringements do currently not have a subjective right of action under the Treaties. This absence eventually prevents them from access to justice, which is a violation of Article 47 of the Charter of Fundamental ...

Petition No 0554/2019 by Krzysztof Grabowski (Polish) on wind farms and their impact on climate change  
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The petitioner requests a study on the impact of wind farms on climate change in Europe. In his opinion, hundreds of thousands of wind turbines have been built all along the EU’s coastlines to produce electricity, transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity, which leads to electricity generation at the expense of stopping the flow of gases along ...

Petition No 0573/2019 by B.-P. L. (German) on the absence of a professional doctorate in Germany and the corresponding distortion of competition for German doctors  
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The petitioner claims that the practice in Germany not to have a professional doctorate for medical doctors creates a clear distortion of competition to German medical doctors as compared to their Austrian colleagues, practicing in Germany. The various medical courses in EU Member States are equivalent. The Austrian diploma or master's program provides for the ...

Petition No 0572/2019 by Per Thomas Nillson (Danish) on lack of enforcing of the law on engine idling in the municipality of Copenhagen  
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The petitioner draws attention to the fact that in the municipality of Copenhagen, the law introduced in 1990 (Idle State Regulation) which prohibits keeping of the engine idling for more than one minute, seems not being enforced by the Copenhagen police. The police in Copenhagen, in his view, cannot or does not wish to make someone liable for a fine for the ...

Petition No 0574/2019 by J.P.B.S. (Spanish), on behalf of the Plataforma Logroñesa para la Defensa del Sistema Público de Pensiones (Logroño Platform for the Defence of the Public Pension System), in favour of scrapping pan-European personal pension products (PEPPs)  
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The petitioner calls for the EU to consider scrapping pan-European personal pension products (PEPPs), as he believes that they will lead to the privatisation of pensions. He believes that this will give rise to a situation whereby pensions are to be sold by brokers, to the detriment of the most disadvantaged groups in society. He criticises the European Parliament’s ...

Petition No 0558/2019 by M.B. (German) on the disadvantages of the European currency as the unique currency in Member States  

The petitioner considers that the EURO could be abolished as means of payment. The petitioner suggests that each Member State should be allowed to use its national currency and the Euro could, possibly, be recognized as a second means of payment. The petitioner notes that the aim of the EURO was the unification of the payment area. The petitioner claims that ...