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Petition No 1211/2018 by R.C. and M.R. (Italian), legal representatives, on behalf of the Association of Italian Officials of the European Patent Office, bearing 26 signatures, on the transfer of pension contributions paid in Italy to Eurocontrol and the European Patent Office  
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The petitioners are presenting a group petition on the protection of the pension rights of their clients, 26 international civil servants currently working for Eurocontrol and the European Patent Office. They are all Italian citizens who worked in Italy and in the EU before joining these international organisations. As there is no agreement between Italy and ...

Petition No 1207/2018 by M-M-M. C. (Italian) on the situation of teachers with an ITP (Insegnante Tecnico Pratico - technical teacher) diploma in Italy  
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The petitioner complains about the unfair exclusion of teachers with an ITP (technical) diploma from the group of second-grade graduates for the three-year period 2017-2020. She has an ITP diploma which entitles her to teach B011 (agricultural science laboratory) and B017 (agricultural mechanics) classes. The petitioner takes the view that she is the victim of ...

Petition No 1199/2018 by C.J. (German) on protecting German youth from racist and anti-Semitic content  
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The petitioner works in the field of education and is concerned with the existence of racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic content and the targeting of youth audiences therewith. She is particularly concerned with musical acts and groups that appear to celebrate or glorify such content, and provides a list of musicians and bands active in Germany, which she believes ...