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The Committee on Petitions has received a considerable number of petitions on the application of Directive 2006/123/EC on beach concessions in Italy.


Due to the high number and similar content of the submitted petitions, the Committee on Petitions will register all future submissions on this topic under one single petition number. Therefore, instead of submitting a new petition on this subject, kindly support the existing petitions which are available for support on the portal; by supporting you will receive notifications about any further developments concerning the petition.


You can find the petitions in question by searching with “2006/123/EC” or “123/2006/EC”.




Petitions about the UK referendum on EU membership and related topics (nos. 0780-0787/2016, 0789-0806/2016, 0808-0817/2016, 0820-0848/2016, 0852-0853/2016, 0864/2016) are now online. Those declared admissible and kept open by the Committee on Petitions are available for support.




Las peticiones se van cargando gradualmente una vez que son aprobadas por la Comisión de Peticiones.

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