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Petition No 0653/2020 by Rene Jusczyk (Belgian), on behalf of the Open Borders Europe association, bearing 2 signatures, on the Schengen system and measures taken during the COVID-19 crisis  
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The petitioner points to the fact that with the Schengen Borders Code border regions have become model European regions where cross-border exchanges have been instrumental in reducing resentment and prejudice on all sides of the borders. Due to the COVID-19 crisis suddenly unnecessary journeys to and from Belgium were forbidden. There was a lot of ambiguity about ...

Petition No 0612/2020 by R.L. (Latvian), on behalf of Latvijas bezdarbnieku un darba meklētāju interešu aizstāvības biedrība (LBDMIAB), on the development of EU legislation in case of epidemiological situations, avoiding violation of human rights  
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The petitioner addresses the European Parliament in the margin of the decision of the Latvian government to declare a state of emergency in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. The Latvian Association of Interests for the Unemployed and Job Seekers (LBDMIAB) is of the opinion that this decision violates several articles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human ...

Petition No 0621/2020 by Fadela Mohatar Maanan (Spanish) on the urgent need to open a humanitarian corridor between Nador (Morocco) and Melilla (Spain) during the COVID-19 outbreak  
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The petitioner states that, since the closure of the borders between Spain and Morocco due to the COVID-19 outbreak, more than a hundred Europeans residing in the city of Melilla (as well as in Ceuta) have remained blocked in the Moroccan territory, particularly in the bordering region of Nador and its province. The petitioner notes that these repatriations could ...

Petition No 0603/2020 by P.O.S. (Spanish) on the threats to the freedom of press during the COVID-19 outbreak  
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The petitioner states that European journalists are facing multiple threats and more often they have to take risks to comply with their duty. The petitioner refers to the death of three European journalist in Northern Ireland (Lyra McKee), Malta (Daphne Caruana) and Slovakia (Ján Kuciak) in the past years. The petitioner also mentions Article 11 of the Charter ...

Petition No 0614/2020 by Ascanio Amenduni (Italian) bearing three signatures, on the lack of consistent measures by the Italian State to address the economic consequences of COVID-19 emergency  
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countering the economic consequences resulting from the COVID-19 emergency. The petitioner claims that the Italian government officially declared the public health emergency without subsequently declaring the state of economic emergency. In addition, the petitioner deplores the fact that the Italian State did not compensate for damages resulting from the measures ...

Petition No 0573/2020 by Wojciech Pruński (Polish) on violation of the Charter on Fundamental Rights by Poland regarding restrictions due to COVID-19  
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The petitioner alleges that the freedom of assembly, guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Polish Constitution, was infringed by the decree of Polish government establishing certain restrictions, orders and bans in relation to the occurrence of the epidemic COVID-19. In the petition, he refers to court judgement which stipulated that the ban on ...

Petition No 0567/2020 by R.M. (Slovak) on alleged violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens by the Slovak government during the COVID-19 pandemic  
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The petitioner asks the European Parliament to investigate the procedure of the Slovak Parliament towards citizens who have returned to the territory of the Slovak Republic during the Covid-19 Pandemic. He claims that conditions of the quarantine were inconsistent: both sick and healthy people were placed together, and had to pay for that stay by themselves. ...

Petition No 0560/2020 by Felice Allocca (Italian) on the alleged breach of consumers' rights by the supply of vouchers for cancelled flights in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak  
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The petitioner raises concerns over the cancellation of most flights on the Italian territory following the adoption of the emergency measures to counter the spread of COVID-19. According to the petitioner, airline companies have been entitled by the Italian Decree Law No 18/2020, to supply vouchers instead of cash reimbursement for cancelled flight tickets in ...

Petition No 0549/2020 by Felipe Prats Cugat (Spanish) on the economic and social crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic  

The petitioner denounces that the coronavirus pandemic causes deaths but also economic and social crises in the EU. To get out of this crisis, he proposes that the GDP of each EU State must be increased. Northern European countries will have to agree with the South ones to save customers, entrepreneur, companies and families. In petitioners views the liquidity ...

Petition No 0539/2020 by N.P. (Indian) on refusing entry to third country nationals possessing long term residence permits in Hungary  
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The petitioner complains that third country nationals with permanent residence permit will not be allowed entry to Hungary due to COVID-19. He claims that according to the Government Decree 81/2020 only EU nationals having a permanent residence card benefit from the same rights as Hungarian nationals with regard to re-entry during COVID-19 crisis. He alleges ...

Petition No 0550/2020 by Wojciech Prunski (Polish) on alleged limitation of freedom to assembly in Poland in the wake of COVID 19 pandemic  
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The petitioner evokes several events, that took place before and after the presidential election in Poland initially scheduled on 10 May 2020, in his opinion breaching freedom to assembly, as the assembly was declared to the City Hall in Warsaw. During the political assemblies on the streets, police arrested many citizens and one candidate to the post of the ...

Petition No 0509/2020 by Eduard Louis Joanna Van Looveren (Belgian) on impeding the free movement of persons within the EU following COVID-19  
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The petitioner is of the view that the rights of citizens are infringed by the emergency and lock down measures issued by governments in the context of the COVID-19. He in particular refers to the right of free movement, for which he considers the restrictions are abusive, and he claims the communication between authorities and citizens lacks transparency, leaving ...

Petition No 0519/2020 by Juergen Wehner (German) on cancelled travel bookings due to COVID-19 and handling the cancellation compensations  
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The petitioner is of the view that the current practice to provide travellers, who find their trips cancelled due to Covid-19, with a voucher, allowing to re-use the value of their initial booking within 18 months, is in violation with EU-law. He believes that this practise, obliging the client to book with the same organiser, is questionable, as this company ...

Petition No 0500/2020 by Sindicato De Técnicos De Enfermería (Spain) on individual protection equipment for healthcare professional s on their fight against Covid 19  
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The petitioner urge the EP to inquire about the situation of lack of regulatory sanitary material, the delay in delivery, the failure to verify the individual protection equipment supplied. He urges the Ministry of Health and the various regional health services, in their respective areas and powers, to give an answer to the health personnel about the precarious ...

Petition No 0513/2020 by G.K. (Hungarian) inquiring to establish the responsibility of the World Health Organization on COVID-19 pandemic  
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The petitioner calls on the Parliament to investigate the responsibility of WHO in proliferation of COVID-19 beyond China. The petitioner claims that WHO has not handled the epidemic in China responsibly and made erroneous recommendations to the then still infection-free countries. According to the petitioner, this irresponsible behaviour endangered the lives ...